Helping Survivors Heal Their wounds From Relational Trauma



It’s hard to love yourself and to love your life when you are consumed with feeling like something is wrong with you. You feel broken and anxious. You're lonely all the time. You feel like you're on the outside looking in, as people all around you seem happy and whole, while you feel sad and fractured. It's a feeling you've had your whole life. As a survivor of child sexual abuse or other (trauma) wounds from your childhood, you've always felt different. Not only have you always felt different from others but it's almost like others can see how different you are. And not in a positive way. All you want is to be "normal". Like everyone else. To have love and connection, with a partner who nurtures, loves, and respects you. To feel supported. But so far you've only had heartbreak and "toxic" people. Even your friendships don't fill you up any more. You feel like they don't understand you and that no matter how often you are there for them they are not there for you. They don't show up for you. You find you're always "overthinking" and questioning things. You are filled with hopelessness, anxiety, and dread.

These thoughts and feelings you have are all consuming. They have impacted you for too long and you're wanting to change. To get get unstuck and change unhealthy patterns such as choosing the wrong romantic partners, lacking confidence to go after your dreams professionally, leaving an abusive relationship (even if it's with your own family), struggling with parenting, or negative thoughts about your self worth. You want to let go of past burdens and feel more freedom in your body. To heal from your past traumas and move on. You're wanting to have a felt sense of empowerment to care for yourself, keep yourself safe, keep others around you safe both emotionally and physically. . You want to feel a sense of peace, contentment, and wholeness. You're ready to truly experience love for yourself and others. 

No matter what stage in your life that you are, child, adult, an older adult or even a parent (or soon to be parent) you can heal. You can let go of many of the burdens that keep you stuck in place. Peace and contentment can be something you experience.

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