Chana Ceasar, LMFT

Licensed trauma therapist in California

How I Got Started

I have always loved stories. As long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by getting to know people and hearing their life stories. I have fond memories of playing with my barbies and creating these elaborate stories like the ones I would read about or from the snippets of the adult conversations I had slyly listened to. I just loved to listen and to offer a comforting word here or there even when I was younger. These people in my life had such interesting lives and I was so struck by their behaviors. I wanted to know why they did what they did? What lead them to make those choices? As I entered middle school I began to learn more about human behavior by watching movies and even listening to talk radio (anyone remember Loveline with Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla.  In this I learned about the effects of childhood abuse and how that impacts adults later on in life. Even though I didn't understand everything I learned it all made sense some how and I knew that I wanted to study psychology in College and be a therapist. I wanted to help people heal from childhood trauma even as a child.

My Journey

As a child I knew my calling was to be a therapist and to help people who had been abused as children. In high school I started taking psychology classes in community college so I could learn more. I loved psychology from the beginning and have always absorbed myself in the world of mental health. Of course this love/borderline obsession meant I was always analyzing my own behaviors as well as others. Mostly buy family who often call me out for "psychoanalyzing" them. I couldn't help myself though, I was just a kid who felt drawn to people and wanted to stop their pain. It didn't matter that I was just an undergrad and still had a lot to learn, I just saw their pain and wanted to ease it any way I could. I've always been like that though. I've always acutely felt others pain and suffering and had a desire to ease it, sometimes at the expense of myself. Compassion fatigue is a real thing, I just didn't know it then.

Name Change Journey

Connections. I believe that life is about the connections we make. The connections we make with people. The connections with ourselves, looking at the patterns that keep us stuck but also the pattern of trusting our intuition, and finally there can be connections spiritually or religious. Connections. A Felt sense of safety, trust, our identity, it all goes together.

Over the past couple years I have been looking more at these connections. Looking at what feels right vs what feels wrong. Trusting my gut and my intuition. Feel a sense of stability in and trust in my inner wisdom and knowing. This started with my name. My birth name Jessica Lang given by my mother was a name that just didn’t fit for me any more. As I connected deeper and deeper with my Judaism, my Hebrew name of chana (pronounced Ha-na) that I chose for myself and sang true in my soul when I had my bat mitzvah did feel right. It felt true. So after much wrestling, especially because I knew what a big change this would be for my work, I decided to legally change my name from Jessica to Chana Jessica. It was powerful but not complete.

So we move to my last name. A last name that I felt no connection to. Lang, my biological father’s surname, a man whom  I have never met. Whose family I have never met. Why should I continue to carry this around? To pass this down generationally when I had no connection. But my mother’s maiden name, Ceasar, I had connection. Connection to family, a mix of love and dysfunction, felt more resonate. So I changed  my last name too. So this is how I have become Chana Jessica Ceasar.

With a new name I thought about changing my business name because Jlang Therapy & Consulting doesn’t work for Chana Ceasar. So I dug deep again, wanting something that encapsulated what I do when I work with my clients. I support them on their healing journey. Helping them prioritize themselves and to give themselves the love and care that they never got when they were abused and to provide that for themselves so they can walk into their own power, love, strength, and confidence. We center their healing. And thus centering Healing was born.

Where I am Now

So I studied and I learned. I felt pulled to work with trauma survivors from the beginning and every job or volunteer experience I've had since I was in my early twenties was working with trauma survivors, mainly kids. I am devoted to stopping the passage of childhood trauma from one generation through the next by letting survivors speak about their experiences. Allowing their voice to be heard and being a partner with them on their journey to self discovery and healing. I am passionate about talking about child sexual abuse and mother-daughter sexual abuse so that people become aware of how pervasive it is and why we need to be vigilant about protecting our children. I believe that everyone can have a life filled with peace and content and that they don't have to be burdened by their past trauma.

Specializations & Experience Treating to Heal Somatically:

  • Child sexual abuse, incest, rape, and molestation
  • Mother-daughter child sexual abuse
  • Complex Trauma & PTSD
  • Attachment wounds from childhood
  • Parenting support for pregnant women and new moms who are survivors of trauma and wanting to heal to be the best mom they can be
  • Support for Single Mother's By choice
  • Childhood trauma during early childhood (0-5 Mental Health therapist)
  • Multicultural & Gender Affirming Therapist



  • San Francisco State University, BA Psychology 2008
  • Chapman University, MA Psychology 2011


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