3 Tips You Can Use Today To Boost Your Self-Esteem And Tackle Imposter Syndrome

positive self esteemImposter syndrome is the bane of almost everyone’s existence. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you work a 9-5, you have big dreams to be successful in your career. Success may look like more freedom in your schedule, more income, or just being able to implement some of your creative ideas to help others, what you aim for is bigger than what you currently have.

And yet your finding yourself stuck. You feel stuck in life and your not pleased with your progress. In fact you feel like your far behind in life and business. When you look at what’s going on in your peers lives you question yourself. “Why am I so far behind?” “ What’s wrong with me that my business isn’t attracting any customers?” “Should I just give up and go back to a 9-5 because I’m just not cut out for having my own business?”

If any of these statements sound like something you have said to yourself recently you might just be suffering from imposter syndrome. And with imposter syndrome there is an underlying fear and belief. A belief that you are not worthy of success and that only “those lucky few” will be able to find success. You have fear that people won’t like you or they criticize everything you do, so why even try? When it comes to setting your sights on a new job or a promotion, you shy away from going after it because you don’t meet “all the criteria” so “why would the even hire me?”

Yes these are the negative thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck in life. The result is that you feel unhappy, unfulfilled, and overwhelmed.

The truth is that you’re getting in your own way. You’re listening to those fears and thoughts to the detriment of your own desires. Now the fears are there to protect you, so it’s normal that you listen to them. It’s your primal instincts kicking in, keeping your from getting hurt. But you don’t have to listen to that part of the brain. You can silence it and act any way. Yes it will be uncomfortable. It’s true it may feel scary. Yet you can do it, just metaphorically put one foot in front of the other.

3 Tips To Silence A That Inner Critic And Act Any Way

In order to defeat imposter syndrome you must take risks and move through the fear and discomfort. Here are three tips to helping you move through it all and find the success you want and deserve.

#1. Radical self acceptance. This means going inward and really looking a yourself. Look at your likes and your dislikes. What makes you happy and what makes you unhappy. When you look at all of your qualities and how the make you up as a person, do you like that person. Look at yourself in the mirror and let the thoughts fly free. In this exercise if you find yourself not liking yourself, then here in lies a huge problem that will keep you stuck. If you don’t like yourself then why would you put yourself out there and share your gifts with the world? Others pick up on this also, and they will respond to you with what you put out there. If you don’t like who you are then you need to work on this piece before doing anything else. There’s coaching, therapy, and even support groups to help you figure out how to like yourself.

On the other hand if your feeling pretty good about who you are, maybe there’s a couple little things you don’t like (this is normal by the way), then think about your messaging. Are you displaying this love for yourself when your talking to others? Are you able to hold to your boundaries and say “no” to what’s not working for you and “yes” to what is? These are all ways that you display comfort and confidence. More to the point your taking care of yourself and this is the best way to show love for yourself.

#2. Show up in Life. One of the toughest things to do when your trying to “level up”is to put yourself out there. There is a risk that people may say something negative about you but by going through tip one you will be able to ignore this negativity because you love and accept yourself. You don’t need approval from others. By showing up and sharing your gifts your letting others have a chance to get to know the real you. You offer others so much value when you show up and share yourself. Now this doesn’t me talk about everything you’ve ever done in life but the key is to stop hiding. Take a risk and show off what you got.

#3. Limit social media. Everyone shares how wonderful their lives are on social media. Your best friend got a promotion and your finding yourself feeling jealous of them, and you go down the negative spiral about how your not good enough. Maybe that annoying coworker of yours managed to get hired at a different firm and they make more money and your wondering how this could happen to her but not for you. But remember what you see in social media is only s snapshot of what is going on in someone’s life, it’s not the whole story. Comparing yourself to others only leads you to feeling like crap and very rarely does it truly inspire you into acting on your own goals. Instead you begin to try to mimic what others have done to find success and you loose yourself in the process. Also your clients can tell when your not being authentically you, so this will also keep you stuck and not progressing on your goals.

Imposter syndrome can leave you questioning yourself and your values. It’s really your fears in action and in order to take action and find success you must get s little uncomfortable and move through the fear any way. This is easier said than done, and yet the feeling you get by pushing through is immense pride. More to the point when you stay true to yourself and share this with others, you will see a huge difference in your ability to take action.

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