Therapy In Israel

Out of Network Benefits

Out of Network Benefits Form Jesica Lang, LMFT lic #87402 415-496-6792 Instructions: This is a worksheet to help you determine if your insurance will reimburse you for seeing a therapist who is out-of-network. 1) Check the back of your card and call your insurance company. Here are some questions you can ask your provider: A)…

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Live Your Dream and Make Lasting Changes

make dreams a reality

The Curse of the Change We all know that making changes is very hard. We have a set routine or a way we like to do things, even when they are not necessarily good for us in the long run. Yet we do them all the same. Worse yet we recognize this pattern, decide we…

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15 Benefits of Online Therapy & Why You’ll Like It

15 Benefits of Online Therapy You don’t have to sit in traffic to go to your appointment There’s more flexibility with scheduling You can be in the comfort of your home For those living in smaller communities no one will see you “entering the therapist office” so effectively you have more privacy If your home…

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